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Christian worship songs, Jesus makes me beautiful inside, Holy Spirit song. beautiful song, Christ in me, the Holy Spirit in me is the power of God at work changing me. What is a Christian? Jesus changes me! Christian worship song.

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An original new release worship and praise Christian track from singer-songwriter Joseph Cheetham-Wilkinson. This is a beautiful, melancholy piece of Christian music which is all about how having Jesus in your heart changes you from the inside out, and changes your whole outlook on life. Things that were once scary may not be scary any more, and where we were once self-serving insular we may now be looking out, trying to be Christ like, serving others and seeing how we can make the world a better place because we love Jesus and want to share His love around. It's also about how life's storm can beat us up, but with Christ in our hearts that pounding moulds and shapes up, and doesn't tear us apart. There are several soulful metaphors used in the song to observe the differences in how we might respond to life with or without the power of Jesus at work in us. 'How do you stand at the doorway of your heart' for example, 'with your arms wide open, or do you stand there like a guard?' Christ in us changes us and the way we view the world. The attitude of our hearts should be adjusted accordingly.

I think that as Christians we should wear our hearts on our sleeves, and learn how to get our joy from serving others, that is the deepest joy that there is, to use your talents to make the world a better place, and that' what Jesus Christ meant when He said his yoke was easy and His burden was light.

One of my favourite Christian worship songs, and my wife's number one favourite piece of worship music.

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